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We highly recommend that parents make use of the resources provided by the NSPCC . Here's a video about child sexual abuse that we find helpful. 


Recent research shows that neglect has a significant and detrimental impact on the development of a child's brain and, therefore, negatively affect their academic and emotional growth.


The Scottish government is leading the way in raising the profile of ACEs and creating a culture of knowledge of and support for adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress. NHS Scotland has created this video to help spread awareness and understanding.


Brené Brown is a leading researcher on the psychology behind emotions and has created this short, accessible film on empathy and the impact of an empathetic response in relationships.


What is Dramatherapy?



In this video, two young people with ADHD describe which fidget toys help their concentration in different situations.


 What is it like to have ADHD?


 What is it like to have anxiety and how can we support our loved ones?